Friday, April 9, 2010

Jojo Giveaway!

I've decided to do my own giveaway!
I am writing a kids book to sell with the Jojo's!

Enter a rhyme about Jojo and get a chance to win a free Jojo Jr!
Your rhyme may be used in the book!

Enter as many times as you like, a different rhyme each time please!

I will choose my favorite rhyme on May 3, which is my birthday!
I will start:
I lost my first tooth at breakfast today!
Jojo will KISS all my boo boo's away!
MANDATORY: You must do atleast 2 of the following:
Heart my etsy shop Sarahsewta!
Follow this blog in sidebar on right! !
Become a Facebook fan!
Follow on twitter!

US Entries only!


  1. If you're feeling down and blue I can share Jojo with you!

    I've hearted your shop under Amilicous

    I'm a FB fan under S. Chaffee

    I follow your blog under Goldibug

    Now all I need to do is cross my fingers because I know my boys would love little Jojo!

  2. Great one! Thanks for entering!! :)

  3. When we're on the go-go I can take my Jojo!

  4. Cute and pretty. Besides, lovely kids. Just want to kiss them.....

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  6. I did all three :)

    I'm not very creative but here's my rhyme, I hope you pick it just in time ;)

    When I get a Booboo,
    I go WooWoo (that's a baby cry lol)
    and reach for my JoJo

    Does that rhyme? It does in my head!!! :)

  7. Hearted your shop, became a facebook fan, and following your blog!

    I love my JoJo
    His hair all askew
    He cures all my booboos
    And makes me feel good as new!


  8. When I want to feel nice
    Like sugar and spice,
    I snuggle my JoJo
    tight as a vice!

  9. When I fall down and scuff my knee,
    Mom brings Jo Jo to comfort me.

    I'm a facebook fan and heart your site.

  10. My Jo Jo is so soft and sweet
    I love him from my head to my feet.

  11. I really hope this never happens:

    If I ever run into Cujo
    I hope I have a JoJo

  12. LOL Oh you guys are great! I am enjoying this so much!! Good luck to you all!


  13. A snuggle, a kiss,
    what more better than this..
    when you see your little one
    light up and his face beaming
    bright for he has his jojo to
    sleep with tonight :)

    (okay so I am no good at this LOL)

  14. jojo is here when there is no icepack to be found, hes willing and ready to bring that smile back around!

    (he he said I was bad at it LOL)

  15. Late at night when the cries are heard
    jojo to the rescue and back to sleeping sound as a bird...

    (hmm not so much he he..)

  16. jojo oh jojo how I need you tonight
    no more sad tears and calming those fears.

  17. **trying to think of the ways we have used jojo's to tie them in, but not doing so well LOL***

    Jolly jojo is here to stay as soon as you feel better he will be ready to play :)

  18. When I have an ouch, I sit on the couch
    sad & lonely too, then mom brings a jojo
    and I'm ready to go go!

    ( he he he..okay off to bed I go..I am getting worse at this LOL)

  19. You may be new to blogging, but your site looks like you have been doing this for a LONG time :)

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  20. thanks for the compliment! :) I'll definatley stop by your blog! :) thanks for stopping by!

  21. this is from my husband, Dustin!

    When I get home from my time at the Dojo,
    My pain gets beat with a kick from Jojo!


  22. When the dark is scaring me, jojo is there to comfort me.

    I am a fan everywhere! :P lol

  23. When I bonk and need a kiss, My jojo is never amiss

  24. I'm so hungry I bit my own finger, but jojo held me and the pain didn't linger.

  25. I tripped today, while out to play, and jojo came to save the day!!!

    **thats my best so far!**

  26. Entry from Tamarkia!

    I lost a tooth at breakfast today,
    Jojo will kiss all my boo-boo's away
    Whether I've lost a tooth or bumped my knee
    Jojo is always there for me
    I warm him up before bed, just right,
    then hold and snuggle him all through the night
    When going to school or in the car,
    I never let my monster get far
    My sissy's is pink, mine is blue
    And there's a special monster just for you
    I used to be scared of monsters, it's true
    I'd quiver and hide, not knowing what to do
    Jojo showed me that monsters are nice,
    Especially when they are filled of rice
    So snuggle your monster everyday
    And Jojo will kiss all your boo-boo's away!

  27. i am a facebook fan a blog follower and a fav on your etsy. here is my rhym:

    hurray for jojo, he got back my mojo!

  28. i lost my shoe
    oh what can i do
    ill grab my jojo
    and go out for a walk

  29. Hello nice to meet you I'm Jojo
    I'm super soft and shaped like a square
    I would love to be your friend, not a foe
    So come over and give me a hug like a bear

    um.. yeah.. I'm no good at this! lol
    janel_marie at yahoo dot com

  30. Hi Sarah!
    We have of course hearted you on ETSY and are now following your blog! Fun! :) As promosed Olivia and I worked on this together today. I am no poet--this is all the work of my brilliant 8 year old. We have our fingers crossed to win another little jojo. Hugs to you....
    and our entry:

    My jojo is cozy
    we hug,
    I go dozey.
    Nighttime fear seems to disappear
    with my my friend in my bed
    beside me.
    He is a warm squish of love,
    I am at peace like a dove.
    When I awake I do not have an ache,
    my growing pains have all gone away~

  31. My baby would love one of these!

    I love my JoJo with all my heart
    I hope we never have to part
    I take him with me everwhere
    When I need a friend, he is always there
    If I get hurt or scared or sad
    I hug my JoJo and don't feel bad

  32. SO cute!

    I'm a facebook fan and I *hearted* you on etsy!

    While at soccer, I took a header,
    But I know JoJo can make it better!